2012 EGU Outstanding young research scientist award in the cryospheric science division

Gaël Durand

CNRS Research Scientist



Research Scientist CNRS - Institute of Geosciences and Environmental research (IGE)

Glaciologist, with a specific expertise in ice sheet modeling, outlet glaciers dynamics, mass balance of polar ice sheets and related contribution to sea level rise.

Name: Gaël Durand

DOB: 1977-11-19

Nationality: France

Phone: (+33) - 4 76 82 42 35

Email: email me

Address: 54 rue Molière, 38400 SMH, France



Ice sheet modeling, developper of the Elmer/Ice model, Finite Element Method


2009-... Research Scientist CNRS, IGE, Grenoble

Ice sheet modeling, outlet glacier dynamics, mass balance of ice sheet and related contribution to sea level rise


2007-2009 Postdoc CNRS, IGE, Grenoble

Modeling of grounding line dynamics


2005-2007 Postdoc University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Ice crystal texture along polar ice core, implication on ice flow



June 2015 Habilitation à diriger des recherches

University Jospeh Fourier, Grenoble, France,

Dynamics of outler glaciers: from processes to projections


November 2004 PhD

University Jospeh Fourier, Grenoble, France,

Microstructure, recrystallization and deformation of polar ice along the EPICA Dome C core


June 2000 Master 2 - Climate, Physics and chemistry of the Atmosphere

University Jospeh Fourier, Grenoble, France,

Laboratory work at LGGE, Microstructure of the EPICA Dome C ice core



51 peer reviewed publications. H-index 22 (Easy web of knowledge, March 2018)

12 sollicited oral communications in international workshops or conferences

> 140 communications during international workshops and conferences

9 outreach conferences





PI: LEFE-IMPHALA (2017-2018, 18 keuros)

Co-PI :ANR SUMER (2013-2018, 650 keuros)

Contribute to ANR TROIS-AS (2015-2019), ANR ADAGE (2009-2013), FP7 Ice2Sea (2009-2013), ANR DACOTA (2007-2011), FP6 EPICA (2000-2004)



Supervision activities

Mentored three recruitments of research scientists at CNRS, J. Mouginot (2017), F. Gimbert (2016) and N. Jourdain (2014)



2014-2015 J. Fürst - modeling buttressing of ice shelves, 2 publications

2009-2013 L. Favier - modeling grounding line dynamics, 2 publications



2013-2016 I. Merino - ice/ocean interactions in the context of future ice-sheet/ocean coupled models, 2 publicaitons

2011-2014 J. Krug - Polar ice sheets/ocean interactions: modeling calving of outlet glaciers, 2 publications

2009-2012 A-S. Drouet - Dynamics of outlet glaciers: from processes to applications on the Astrolabe glacier, 1 publication


Master 2

2016 M. Donat-Magnin - role of changes in atmosphere and ice flow onto sub ice shelf melt in the Amundsen Sea

2013 I. Merino - A new inverse method to initialize ice flow models

2013 C. Mosbeux - Modeling the evolution of the Jakobshanv glacier

2011 J. Krug - 3D modeling of the grounding line dynamics

2011 N. Marchand - Inferring basal friction below the greenland ice sheet

2010 A. Petrelli - A new method to infer sub ice shelf melting

2006 A. Persson - Modelling the flow induced evolution of ice fabric

2006 B. Bizet - Ice texture evolution along the NorthGRIP ice core


Administration of research

January 2017 - ... Deputy director of IGE

April 2015 - December 2016 Deputy director of LGGE

April 2012- December 2015 Leader of the ice flow team (EDGe) in LGGE

2012 - December 2016 Member of the LGGE laboratory council

Field missions

April-May 2008 Member of the NEEM science team, Greenland

December 2002 - February 2003 Member of the EPICA science team, Dome C, Antarctica